A Song for H.

“Don`t You Eat that Yellow Snow”, Frank Zappa has sung. And he definitely knew exactly, why not. Now someone is hijacking into the Yellow Snow, but omits to give any assistance. Does he do that consciously???

Photography might be propagating in presumptuous egocentricity, to has made paintings obsolete. Nobody is grudging it that point of view. Helmut takes photographs of realities, that seem to be unwilling and do not demand, to even be existing. But I do see them. Does Helmut do that consciously??

There are the laws of nature and they do serve us, to describe nature and therefore give us an explanation. This is comforting. The Rocket-Fishes seem to abolish one, without to disturb. Does Helmut Grill do that consciously?

Doing so, he took to the woods, like Robin Hood could not have done it more adventurously. Even the Walt-Disney-Version would fail trying to do so. And if not, it remains insignificant. Because I still could not do it. The artist Helmut Grill gets it done. Is that why he makes one so conscious?

I don`t know. It as well has the importance of a Bosna-sausage out of the Off-Getreidegassen-Scene in Salzburg. But one thing I know for sure. I don`t want to know. I want to remain finding out.
Thanks Helmut!

Hannes Hawlicek, Author